num ber from the con trol system mem ory In this re spect, all rules of a subprogram

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num ber from the con trol system mem ory In this re spect, all rules of a subprogram

def i ni tion have to be fol lowed in a macro def i ni tion

What is dif fer ent in the macro pro gram de vel op ment, are the vari able def i ni tions, func tions and

log i cal con di tions Vari able def i ni tions use vari ables to store var i ous data Vari ables are tem po –

rary stor age ar eas of the con trol sys tem mem ory – in the macro body they are de fined with a spe –

cial sym bol – the # sign Even at their sim plest level, mac ros will use vari ables, there fore they

will use the # sym bol The up com ing chap ters of fer a lot more in for ma tion and de tails

Variables are the single most important key to macro programming

Macro Call

Vi sually, the ma jor dif fer ence be tween call ing a subprogram and call ing a macro is de fined by

the pro gram ming for mat Logically, both calls are the same copper hole punching machine busbar bending machine and serve the same gen eral pur pose

In both cases, a pre vi ously stored custom processing machine pro gram (a subprogram or a macro) is re trieved from the con –

trol stor age area by a spe cific pro gram code:

M98 P—-

structural fabrication

Calls a subprogram P—-

(additional data are not normally required)

G65 P—-

Calls a macro P—-

(additional data are normally required)

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 6

Fanuc con trol sys tem pro vides a G-code (pre pa ra tory com mand) to call a pre vi ously de fined

macro rather than a mis cel la neous func tion M used for subprograms This com mand is G65, and

rep re sents the call of a macro pro gram by its stored num ber, sup ple mented by ad di tional data

The fol low ing struc ture ex am ples il lus trate the dif fer ences:

2 Example 1 – Main program and a SUBPROGRAM :


N1 G21

Startup block

N2 锟?

N15 M98 P8001

Call stored subprogram O8001

N16 锟?

N52 M30

End of main program



N1 锟?

N2 锟?

N14 M99

End of subprogram


2 Example 2 – Main program and a MACRO :

ddle of a block See Chapter 24 for details

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ddle of a block See Chapter 24 for details

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De vel op ing macro pro grams is not much dif fer ent from de vel op ment of stan dard CNC pro –

grams, at least not in the gen

eral ap

proach Be

fore macro pro

grams can de


oped, study

CNC Beam Drilling Machine

carefully the many 鈥榯ools of the cnc cutter trade锟?and ask a ques tion – what fea tures do we work with?

Macros have the po ten tial of be ing ex tremely pow er ful and flex i ble Macros can also shorten the

pro gram ming time by many hours, lit er ally Yet, in spite of their great pos si bil i ties, mac ros are

of ten the 鈥榝or got ten gems锟?avail able for CNC pro gram ming Many com pa nies do have macro ca –

pa bil i ties, but avoid ing them, con sid er ing them too dif fi cult and time consuming

Macro tools in clude many func tions, tech niques and pro ce dures Cus tom macro can not be clas –

si fied as a true pro gram ming lan guage, but macros do share many el e ments with lan guages such

as Vi sual Ba sic锟? C++锟? Lisp锟? and many oth ers, in clud ing the custom processing machine de riv a tives of the 鈥榚arly锟?lan –

guages, such as Pascal The most im por tant tool for the start is to know the for mat of the macro,

and its con tents When these two fea tures are con sid ered to gether, in the proper se quen tial or der,

we are talk ing about the macro structure

Basic Tools

Ev ery CNC pro gram ming tech nique that a typ i cal part pro gram mer has already learned can be –

and are – used in mac ros and macro de vel op ment An in-depth knowl edge of CNC pro gram ming,

com bined with a good prac ti cal ex pe ri ence (even ma chin ing helps), is an es sen tial re quire ment to

learn ing mac ros and learn ing them right from the be gin ning Many pro gram ming aids not found

in standard CNC pro gram ming are also avail able in mac ros, but they en hance and best mill drill ex tend the

traditional pro gram ming meth ods – they do not re place them

There are three ba sic ar eas to un

derstand for successful macro development

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derstand for successful macro development:



three types of data


Func tions and Con stants

math e mat i cal cal cu la tions


Logical Functions

loops and branches

cnc drilling Machine

These three fea ture ar eas of fer many pow er ful spe cial func tions that are used within the body of

a macro, which is very sim i lar to a body of a subprogram, ex cept stan dard subprograms can not

use vari able data, whereby mac ros can (and do so very ex ten sively)

Just like a subprogram, a macro by it self is not much of a use – it has to be custom Drilling Machine in ter wo ven (in ter –

faced) with an other pro gram, called from an other pro gram, by a pre vi ously as signed pro gram

num ber The ad dress (let ter) O is used to store the macro pro grams, the ad dress (let ter) P is used

to call it, ap ply ing the same logic as for subprograms


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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 6


Vari ables are the most no tice able fea ture in mac ros They are the hole punching machine heart and soul of all mac ros

Vari ables give mac ros the nec es sary flex i bil ity, by be ing what they are – stor age units for data

that con stantly changes – the so called vari able data The name 鈥榲ari able锟?is sug ges tive enough –

vari ables are stor age ar eas in the con trol sys tem that can hold a cer tain sup plied value When a

value is as signed to a vari able, it is stored there for fu ture use Stored val ues are called the de fined

val ues, or de fined vari ables

In mac ros, vari ables can be used in stead of real val ues and they can be acted upon, for ex am ple,

by add ing two vari ables to gether, to get yet an other value The pos si bil i ties are enor mous and

greatly de pend on the skill of the part pro gram mer – or the macro pro gram mer

Functions and Constants

There is a sig nif i cant num ber of func tions avail able for mac ros Func tions drilling tools are pro gram fea tures

that cal cu late some thing – they solve a math e mat i cal cal cu la tion or a for mula For ex a

determine further flow of the program

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on ‘while’ the given

con di tion is true – which means ‘as long as’ the con di tion is true) The re sult of the eval u a tion will

determine further flow of the program

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros



Defining and Calling Macros

Beam Drilling Machine

In es sence, a macro is a much more so phis ti cated subprogram From that view point, it is fair to

make a com par i son be tween a reg u lar subprogram and a typ i cal macro There are al ways at least

two in di vid ual pro grams in volved in this type of pro gram ming en vi ron ment – the main pro gram

and the subprogram This is also true for macros – there is the main pro gram and the macro pro –

gram In both cases, the main pro hydraulic busbar cutter gram calls the subprogram or the macro, by its num ber, which

makes the subprogram or the macro pro gram sub ser vi ent to the higher level pro gram copper busbar bending machine that calls it

Just like a subprogram, a macro can be called not only by the main pro gram (the pro gram at the

top), but also by any other subprogram or macro as well, up to a four-level depth As ex pected,

certain struc tures must be ob served In all cases, the subprogram or the macro con tains spe cially

se lected re pet i tive data, such a con tour ing toolpath or a spe cific hole pat tern, and in all cases these

data are stored as sep a rate pro grams, un der their own unique pro gram num bers

The sin gle ma jor dif fer ence be tween a subprogram and a macro is the flex i bil ity of the in put

data Subprograms al ways use fixed data, these are val ues that can not change Macros use flex i ble

data, us ing vari able val ues, that can be changed (de fined or re de fined) very quickly Of course,

mac ros may use fixed data as well, but that is not their main pur pose

Macro Definition

Struc turally, de fin ing a macro is a very sim i lar to de fin ing a subprogram In both cases, the pro –

gram is as signed a pro gram num ber In its body, the re pet i tive data are stored and ac ces si ble un –

In addition to functions, constants can be defined in a macro as well, for example the p constant

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(plus) func tion will sum two or more val ues to gether The SQRT func tion will cal cu late the square root of a given num ber Many other func tions are avail able, for arith metic, algebraic, trig o no metric, and many other calculations

In addition to functions, constants can be defined in a macro as well, for example the p constant

with the value of 314159265359

Logical Functions

Log i cal func tions – also known as log i cnc plate drilling machine cal op er a tors – are used in a macro pro gram for loop ing and branch ing pur poses, some times called a di ver gence Loop ing and branch ing means a change

in the pro gram flow that is based on – and de pend ent on – a cer tain con di tion that has been pre vi –

ously de fined

cnc drill Machine

We are quite fa mil iar with the con cept of log i cal op er a tors in ev ery day life, we just don鈥檛 call

them that In Eng lish lan guage, there is a short word ‘if’ We use it very fre quently to pres ent a

cer tain state ment based on a con di tional sit u a tion For ex am ple, hole punching machine we may say, 鈥淚f I have time, I will

visit you锟? That state ment means that I can only visit you, if I have time, oth er wise, it will not be pos si ble, and I can not visit you at all These out comes are con di tional The ‘if’ word im plies a choice based on the re sult of a cer tain con di tion

In mac ros, there are two func tions that are used with a given con di tion The given con di tion

may be checked (some pro drilling machine gram mers may say 鈥榯ested锟?or 鈥榚val u ated锟? on sev eral grounds, us ing

the com par i son op er a tors, such as ‘greater than’ , ‘equal to’ , ‘less than or equal to’ , and sev eral oth ers, used to gether with the ‘if’ func tion These op er a tors are called the Boolean op er a tors, named af ter their in ven tor George Boole (1815-1864), an Eng lish math e ma ti cian They are also

called the log i cal op er a tors The given con di tion can be eval u ated (tested) only once, us ing the ‘if’

check It may also be eval u ated many times, pro gres sively, us ing a loop func ti

Multi – way valve test related standards

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As one of the key components of the hydraulic system of the construction machinery, the multi-way valve has an important influence on the control performance, reliability and service life of the machine. How to accurately and comprehensively evaluate the performance and quality parameters of the multi-way valve , The development of multi-way valve, raise the level of technology has an important significance. Therefore, for the multi-valve test also developed the relevant standards and technical conditions, the multi-valve test items, test methods and test conditions, etc. to regulate. As the domestic multi-valve testing in the late start, so for the time being there is no uniform national standards angle machine. After consulting, the current domestic multi-valve test standards are JB / T8729 “hydraulic multi-directional valve” and hydraulic excavator with the overall multi-valve technical conditions (JG / T5116 a 1999). The first two are common multi-valve test methods and technical conditions, the test of all types of multi-valve are applicable, and the last one is the reference to the previous two, combined with hydraulic excavator with the characteristics of the overall multi-valve . The multi-valve integrated test system in this subject is mainly based on the former design, the following main contents are introduced.

metal punching machine 1. Test types and test items
Pressure test, multi-way valve must be carried out before the test pressure test, pressure test, the test port to the pressure test pressure applied, and the pressure test pressure is 1.5 times the maximum working pressure of the test port.
Multi-valve test types are divided into punching machine for sale type tests and factory tests: One type of test is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the quality of multi-valve, which is mainly developed for the new products, as well as the original product in the structure, materials or technology have more Large changes and other circumstances need to carry out the test, and the factory test refers to the product to be carried out before delivery of the test. The test types and test items of the multi-channel valves specified in the test standard are shown in Table 1.1.
2. Test standard test circuit
The test standard is given in the multi-valve test hydraulic circuit, shown in Figure 1.1; The test circuit mainly by the main test system and auxiliary system composed of two parts, the main test system, including the pump source, the load part and the pressure flow detection device ; The auxiliary system is mainly for the pilot-type multi-valve to provide pilot oil, as well as the step load device to provide control oil.
3. Test methods and their requirements for test systems
Test methods for factory test items
L) the form of oil and spool valve function: multi-valve operation for the switch to observe the oil on-off situation, thus determining the form of multi-channel valve and spool valve function tube drilling machine.
2) commutation performance: Nominal pressure and nominal flow in the tested valve, through manual direct manipulation or through the auxiliary fuel supply system to provide the pilot oil to drive the slide valve for continuous action 10 times or more, check the spool reset and positioning .
3) internal leakage (with neutral position and commutation position within the leakage): Neutral position leakage is to make the multi-valve in a neutral position, from the multi-valve work oil into the oil port, and the system pressure to be tested multi- The nominal pressure of the valve, measured by the return of the corresponding leakage. And the reverse position of the leakage is to make the multi-valve in the commutation position drilling machine, from the multi-port valve P into the oil, the pressure is also the nominal pressure of the test valve, measured by the oil return port leakage.
4) pressure loss: the multi-valve placed in the commutation position, and to be tested through the multi-valve nominal flow, measured by the pressure gauge or pressure sensor P, T, A, B, the pressure was calculated Out of the slide valve corresponding to the pressure loss.
5) the performance of the safety valve: multi-channel valve will be tested all the work port blocked, the system pressure to the nominal pressure higher than the safety valve% Qiao, play a role in safety, and through the nominal flow, and then the main security Valve pressure range, pressure stability, pressure swing and opening and closing characteristics of the test.
6) Other auxiliary valve performance: For overload valve, charge valve and other auxiliary valve multi-valve, should be in accordance with the provisions of the performance of these auxiliary valves tested.
7) back pressure test: back to the oil back pressure to the specified value, the slide valve for 5 times repeatedly pressed for 3 minutes.
Type test items and test methods
L) Steady-state test: test all items in accordance with the provisions of the factory test items and test methods, and draw pressure loss, internal leakage curve and safety valve pressure characteristics curve.


Internal leakage curve

Internal leakage curve

2) Transient test: through the action of the step load valve, the inlet of the main safety valve of the tested multi-way valve produces a pressure gradient that meets the transient conditions, and record the change of the inlet pressure with the pressure sensor and draw the safety valve instantaneously State response curve. The pilot project requirements in line with the requirements of transient conditions, that is, the safety valve inlet pressure change rate to reach 600-800MPa / s.

Safety valve transient response characteristic curve

Safety valve transient response characteristic curve

Multi - channel valve fretting characteristic curve

Multi – channel valve fretting characteristic curve

3) the pilot test: mainly for manual direct manipulation of the multi-valve, to be tested by the multi-way valve to the nominal flow, and in a certain pressure case, the stem pushed or pulled to the maximum stroke position, And the magnitude of the steering force or torque is measured. For the pilot-type multi-valve does not have this pilot project requirements.
4) Jogging characteristic test: In some way, make the slide valve move slowly to each commutation position, and measure the relation of the corresponding flow or pressure with the displacement. The Jogging Test requires that the test system have means to allow the spool of the slide valve to move slowly and to measure the corresponding displacement.
5) high temperature test: the oil temperature of 80 soil 5 degrees under the conditions, to be tested through the multi-channel nominal flow, and the pressure to its nominal pressure, the slide valve to a certain frequency for continuous semi- Hours. Therefore, the test system is required to be able to control the oil temperature.
6) Durability test: mainly for the multi-valve service life assessment, the nominal pressure and test flow conditions, so that subjects were to a certain frequency of multi-channel continuous reversing, to achieve the required number of times, check subjects The main valve internal components.

WP-1 rapid determination of coal seam gas content

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WP-1 coal seam gas content of rapid determination of products Coal seam gas content is the basic data to determine the gas emission, which is one of the important parameters of mine gas drainage design and mine ventilation design. Coal seam gas content to a certain extent depends on the coal seam gas pressure. Therefore, coal seam gas content and coal seam gas pressure are two important parameters in coal mine safety production. We developed the WP-1 coal seam gas content rapid analyzer is based on the coal sample gas desorption rate of time with the power function, the use of gas desorption characteristic index V1 value, calculate the coal seam gas content, coal seam gas pressure principle and design . In the design of the use of single-chip microcomputer control technology and advanced gas flow sensing technology, WP-1 coal seam gas content analyzer for the first time with no resistance to trace gas flow measurement principle drill machine, the coal sample desorption process closer to the natural desorption state of coal. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, the data collected on the software using the numerical average, making the instrument has a simple circuit automatic girth welding machine, small size, light weight, easy to carry, simple operation. WP-1 coal seam gas content rapid instrument instrument characteristics The coal seam gas content analyzer is suitable for coal mine underground mining or heading face, rapid determination of gas desorption amount in coal, can grasp the gas content (W), gas pressure (P) distribution in front of the working face and the outburst prediction index K1 , K2 and other important changes in gas parameters, the formation of a more complete and reliable forecasting technology. It is characterized by short measurement time (7 minutes, 2 minutes exposure and 5 minutes desorption). It does not affect the work of normal work surface. It can automatically complete the measurement, collection, calculation, storage, display and printing.


Time saving, efficient and fast, accurate and reliable, a measurement can predict a variety of important parameters of gas. It provides a quick and simple means of measurement and reliable scientific basis for the production of mine high production and high efficiency, safe production, prediction of gas emission, rational development and utilization of gas resources. Similarly, the coal seam gas content analyzer is also suitable for laboratory research and experimental work. WP-1 coal seam gas content of rapid determination of performance indicators K1 – coal sample gas desorption velocity decay coefficient, coal seam gas outburst risk one of the important indicators Kt – coal seam gas outburst risk of one important indicator, ml / g.min V1 – unit coal weight of the first minute exposure to gas desorption rate of coal, and coal seam gas content, coal seam gas pressure is directly related to, ml / g.min Q2 – decay rate of gas desorption coefficient P – gas content of coal prediction, ml / g W – coal bed gas pressure forecast, Mpa R – correlation coefficient pipeline welding machine, reflecting the reliability of the measured results WP-1 coal seam gas content of rapid determination of technical parameters Gas desorption capacity: 0 ~ 6 ml / min Gas content: 2 ~ 30ml / g Gas pressure: 0.1 ~ 6.0Mpa Measurement accuracy: ± 2% Display: 8-bit LCD (LCD) display Continuous working time: more than 8h Working environment temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃ Working humidity: ≤ 95% Working pressure: 85 ~ 110Kpa Size Steel Punching, weight: 250 × 145 × 67mm, 2㎏

Small pieces must use special tools (tweezers or feeding mechanism) to operate automatic drilling machine

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Safety production rules for precision presses As the punch has a fast, high pressure characteristics, the use of punching for blanking, molding must comply with certain safety regulations. \t one. Exposed to the press outside the transmission components, must install a protective cover, prohibit the removal of protective cover in the case of driving or testing. II. Before driving the main fastening screws should be checked for loosening, mold with or without cracks, control mechanisms, automatic stop device, clutch, brake is normal, the lubrication system with or without oil blockage. If necessary, open the empty test. \t three. Install the mold must be open to the bottom dead point slider, closing height must be correct, try to avoid eccentric load; mold must be firmly secured, and after pressure test. IV.


Attention should be focused on the work, forbidden to hand and tools and other objects into the danger zone. Small pieces must use special tools (tweezers or feeding mechanism) to operate automatic drilling machine. Die stuck blank, only allowed to use tools to escape. \t Fives. Found that abnormal operation of the press bed or abnormal sound beam drilling and sawing lines, (such as batter, pop sound) should stop feeding, check the cause. Such as the Department of rotating parts loosening, control device failure, mold loosening and defects, should stop repair. VI. Each finish – m pieces of work, the hands or feet must leave the button or pedal to prevent misuse horizontal band saw. \t Seven. Two or more operations, people should be driving, pay attention to coordination and good. The mold should fall before get off work, disconnect the power, and conduct the necessary cleaning.

horizontal displacement of the slider cnc drilling machine

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Supply Dongguan punch, pneumatic punch, Dongguan punch manufacturers technology Dongguan punch features two main, one is rigid, which includes the longitudinal stiffness of the slider and the table of the arch and the elastic elongation of the frame; and lateral stiffness under the influence of the eccentric load of the horizontal displacement of the slider cnc drilling machine. The second is the movement of the slider characteristics best drill machine, including the vertical, parallelism, straightness, etc., have a great impact on the accuracy of the product.

The accuracy of the product is not only with the punch, and materials, molds, lubrication and so on, can not only consider a certain factor. In terms of the elements of the pneumatic punch, the accuracy of the thickness direction of the product is related to the longitudinal rigidity, while the deviation, bending or parallelism is related to the transverse rigidity and the characteristic of the motion curve metal fabrication. So to improve the technical characteristics of Dongguan punch manufacturers, product accuracy can be improved, die life extension, production stability can be improved.

What are the benefits of using the IPM Pneumatic Punch?

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At present busbar machine, in a variety of metal and non-metallic pipe, sheet metal punching areas, mostly using electric punch to complete the electric punch not only noise pollution environment Angle steel shearing machine, The body is bulky, and power consumption angle punch.

When the operation of complex, high failure rate, security risks. Pneumatic punch more health, clean! The use of advanced optical protection technology, can achieve a significant increase in safety performance, computer count and program coordination, unattended processing can be achieved, greatly improving the efficiency of the work and reduce production costs.

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