Can not resume using the punch mold material will affect the smooth progress of the process

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Can not be restored using the punch mold material will affect the smooth progress of the process, in order to solve this problem, the need for troubleshooting, then how should deal with abrasive press failure can not be returned

Punching punching, the upper mold through the slider mold stamping, stamping machine connection, the use of stamping machine table fixed in the next template, the upper and lower die with the guide column, guide sleeve guide.

When working, the steel strip on the position of the stop pin, when the mold with the slider on the waterfall, press the material of the stripper plate, and then punch the punch mold material to obtain. The punch blank is positioned in the lower die, moving downward in blank pressure, from the hole, and continues to descend into the cavity, resulting in permanent deformation of the material in the stamping die after the desired workpiece is machined. When the workpiece is clamped between the punch and the top block, the waste is also firmly fixed to the press. In the camera mode, the top piece of the workpiece is ejected from the mold by the elastic force of the spring; at the same time the entire process is wasted in the hoop, by the spring of the stripper plate by the spring. Material to a step, the process for the next step, so back and forth.

There are many reasons for the stamping die unloading, the reasons for different treatment methods are not the same:

1, the precise positioning of feeding equipment is not accurate or feeding adjustable feeding or positioning device.

2, the internal guide column pull, resulting in uneven movement can be replaced within the column-oriented solutions.

3, perforation damage or appearance is not smooth, but also the formation of stamping die discharge, can replace the stamping solution.

4, the top material device set unreasonable, reset.

5, the inadequacy of the ejector or remove the lack of material, by replacing the spring or spring handle stripper.

Stamping machine, the role of the slider is to drive the mold to complete the action, mainly to support the hot stamping effect, the slider design should follow certain principles to meet the processing needs then, slider should follow the design principles


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