CNC system maintenance matters

October 5, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

CNC system is the central control system of CNC drilling machine, the importance of the equipment is naturally self-evident, so in the NC drilling machine maintenance work, the numerical control system has been the most important.How to correctly maintain the CNC system?
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A. Board maintenance;
B. When cleaning the CNC cabinet cooling ventilation system;
C. Strictly abide by the operating rules and routine maintenance system;
D. Replace the memory battery regularly;
E. Regularly monitor the grid voltage of the CNC system: the grid voltage range of 85% to 110% of the rated value;
F. NC system when not in use for a long time to maintain: often to the NC power system or CNC drilling machine run temperature program.
G. To prevent dust from entering the numerical control device: floating dust and metal powder easily lead to the insulation resistance between components decreased, resulting in failure or even damage components.


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