consider a certain factor beam fabrication

December 25, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

high-speed presses, precision presses, Dongguan punch technology Dongguan high-speed punch features two main, one is rigid, which includes the longitudinal stiffness – slider and table arch and rack elastic elongation; and lateral stiffness – Bit. The second is the movement of the slider characteristics, including the vertical, parallelism, straightness, etc., have a great impact on the accuracy of the product. The accuracy of the product is not only with the punch, and materials, molds, lubrication and so on, can not only consider a certain factor beam fabrication. The accuracy of the product thickness direction is related to the longitudinal rigidity busbar machine, while the deviation, bending or parallelism is related to the transverse rigidity and the characteristic of the motion curve. So to improve the technical characteristics of Dongguan punch, the product accuracy can be improved angle iron machine, die life extension, production stability can be improved.


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