derstand for successful macro development

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derstand for successful macro development:



three types of data


Func tions and Con stants

math e mat i cal cal cu la tions


Logical Functions

loops and branches

cnc drilling Machine

These three fea ture ar eas of fer many pow er ful spe cial func tions that are used within the body of

a macro, which is very sim i lar to a body of a subprogram, ex cept stan dard subprograms can not

use vari able data, whereby mac ros can (and do so very ex ten sively)

Just like a subprogram, a macro by it self is not much of a use – it has to be custom Drilling Machine in ter wo ven (in ter –

faced) with an other pro gram, called from an other pro gram, by a pre vi ously as signed pro gram

num ber The ad dress (let ter) O is used to store the macro pro grams, the ad dress (let ter) P is used

to call it, ap ply ing the same logic as for subprograms


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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 6


Vari ables are the most no tice able fea ture in mac ros They are the hole punching machine heart and soul of all mac ros

Vari ables give mac ros the nec es sary flex i bil ity, by be ing what they are – stor age units for data

that con stantly changes – the so called vari able data The name 鈥榲ari able锟?is sug ges tive enough –

vari ables are stor age ar eas in the con trol sys tem that can hold a cer tain sup plied value When a

value is as signed to a vari able, it is stored there for fu ture use Stored val ues are called the de fined

val ues, or de fined vari ables

In mac ros, vari ables can be used in stead of real val ues and they can be acted upon, for ex am ple,

by add ing two vari ables to gether, to get yet an other value The pos si bil i ties are enor mous and

greatly de pend on the skill of the part pro gram mer – or the macro pro gram mer

Functions and Constants

There is a sig nif i cant num ber of func tions avail able for mac ros Func tions drilling tools are pro gram fea tures

that cal cu late some thing – they solve a math e mat i cal cal cu la tion or a for mula For ex a


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