determine further flow of the program

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on ‘while’ the given

con di tion is true – which means ‘as long as’ the con di tion is true) The re sult of the eval u a tion will

determine further flow of the program

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Defining and Calling Macros

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In es sence, a macro is a much more so phis ti cated subprogram From that view point, it is fair to

make a com par i son be tween a reg u lar subprogram and a typ i cal macro There are al ways at least

two in di vid ual pro grams in volved in this type of pro gram ming en vi ron ment – the main pro gram

and the subprogram This is also true for macros – there is the main pro gram and the macro pro –

gram In both cases, the main pro hydraulic busbar cutter gram calls the subprogram or the macro, by its num ber, which

makes the subprogram or the macro pro gram sub ser vi ent to the higher level pro gram copper busbar bending machine that calls it

Just like a subprogram, a macro can be called not only by the main pro gram (the pro gram at the

top), but also by any other subprogram or macro as well, up to a four-level depth As ex pected,

certain struc tures must be ob served In all cases, the subprogram or the macro con tains spe cially

se lected re pet i tive data, such a con tour ing toolpath or a spe cific hole pat tern, and in all cases these

data are stored as sep a rate pro grams, un der their own unique pro gram num bers

The sin gle ma jor dif fer ence be tween a subprogram and a macro is the flex i bil ity of the in put

data Subprograms al ways use fixed data, these are val ues that can not change Macros use flex i ble

data, us ing vari able val ues, that can be changed (de fined or re de fined) very quickly Of course,

mac ros may use fixed data as well, but that is not their main pur pose

Macro Definition

Struc turally, de fin ing a macro is a very sim i lar to de fin ing a subprogram In both cases, the pro –

gram is as signed a pro gram num ber In its body, the re pet i tive data are stored and ac ces si ble un –


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