General stamping and fine stamping work, what is different

October 20, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Precision punch on a foreign country is a competitive advantage in the industry, may become the next punch press punch the primary support of exports. Showing the precision of the punch press competition at the moment the body of low-end punch products cost-effective advantage in the high-end equipment and the limits of the world is still a huge gap between our predecessors.

Accelerate the layout of precision stamping asset conditioning, from the foundation to ease the Henan punch Henan punch press temporary profit margins facing the industry is falling, weak market demand, the punch press the only way out of the subject of sensation. Precision punch to texture, and efficiency for the purpose of the first orientation, if the expense of very little speed, but also continue to promote the industrial structure adjustment and skip jump.
Precision punch is usually used in a variety of mass production of metal sheet metal processing punching, forming, extension. Such as transport vehicles, watches and clocks, home appliances, stationery, hand equipment, hardware, computers and other products processing. At the same time, the installation of voluntary feeder, engaged in automatic transfer of the entire production line processing.


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