Many models of presses, how to choose the right?

December 26, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

In this case, First, select the type of press to be completed according to the nature of the stamping process, the size of the production volume, stamping parts of the geometry and accuracy requirements angle shearing machine. A. Small and medium-sized pieces of variable pieces of pieces of pieces of production, using open-type mechanical press. B. In the production of medium-sized stamping parts using closed-form structure of the mechanical press. C. Small-volume production, large-scale production of thick plate stamping parts hydraulic press. In this case, Second, the specifications to determine the specifications of the press to follow the following principles: 1, the press closure height, table size, slider size, mold handle hole size, etc. should be able to meet the correct installation requirements of the mold, the crank press, mold closing height should be in the press with the maximum loading height Minimum between the mold height. The table size should generally be greater than the mold under the mold base 50-70mm (single side), in order to facilitate the installation of the plate diameter should be greater than the workpiece or waste projection size, so that leakage mold stalk size should be consistent with the size of the stencil hole. 2, the press slide stroke should be able to meet the pieces in the height to obtain the required size, and in the stamping process can be successfully completed from the mold out.

For tensile parts, the stroke should be more than twice the height of the workpiece. 3, press the number of strokes should be consistent with the requirements of productivity. 4, the nominal pressure of the press must be greater than stamping process force. But the process of working long process, not just as long as the size of the process to meet the force, and must also consider to meet their work load curve Caixing. Third, the type of choice Stamping equipment type more, its stiffness, accuracy, use different, should be based on the nature of the stamping process, production volume, mold size, precision parts such as the correct selection. General production of large quantities of small and medium parts and more use of easy operation drilling equipment, high efficiency, open-crank press. However, such as the production of deep-drawn laundry barrels such parts angle drill machine, the best choice for a tensile pad tensile hydraulic machine. The production of automotive panels is the best choice for large double-action closed-action presses.


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