Pricing of punch machine depends largely on which aspects

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With the development of the punch press industry cnc drilling machine, the demand for punch press is getting higher and higher in the industry. At the same time, the price of punch press also increases, so what price depends on the factors? Machine tool market, the price of the punch is getting higher and higher, punch manufacturers of technical water, automation, precision machining to a large extent marked the country’s industrial production capacity and modernization. If the price of the punch goes down, it will make the machine tool manufacturer depress the price of the functional part busbar punch. The price of each machine tool, will be transmitted to the downstream machine tool accessories, accessories manufacturers, so that downstream manufacturers unable to carry out the development of new functional components, is not conducive to industry-wide functional parts of the technology upgrade, affecting the balanced development of machine tool market.

Pricing of punch machine depends largely on which aspects

Punch price war in addition to stabbing competitors and hurt the enterprise itself, but also hurt the middlemen and users. After the enterprise product price cuts Structural steel fabricator, brokers of the existing stock will be greatly affected, seriously affect the enthusiasm of brokers. For end users, this product prices, and also looking forward to further decline in prices, but also allows users to the quality of products and services to lose confidence. Punch prices and machine tool companies are closely related, not just the individual development, but also about the balance of the entire market. At present, the punch price negotiation mechanism has not yet attention, quotes are often more chaos. Products displayed on the site, more show for the negotiable state, which is not conducive to fair and open market sales behavior. It is recommended to develop a company standard offer, and then discuss the price of other configuration options, may be more reasonable. In addition, the association should regulate corporate behavior, in addition to association members, to try to persuade non-member units operating norms. So punch prices in the market is more standardized.

Punch (precision punch) process installation operation sequence

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Punch (precision punch) process installation operation sequence Standard operating punch (precision press) bandsaw machine, in accordance with a certain order of operation to operate as a cooperative operator essential requirements plate bevelling machine, good operating habits can extend the life of the product, reduce operational failure. The order of the arrangement according to the main structure and use of equipment to arrange, the center point is the time of installation must be clamped to determine the location and clear.

Punch (precision punch) process installation operation sequence

Punch (precision punch) equipment installation under normal circumstances The following principles operate: 1 under the working process of the positioning of the clamping process to be done according to the arrangements on the road with the process must maintain a certain distance to facilitate the positioning of some of the common process equipment to do a consideration. 2 The order of the machining process is advanced according to the inner shape of the cavity, the shape processing is followed, and the outside is arranged in order to follow 3 sometimes stamping when it will inevitably encounter a pipeline above to install multi-channel process, at the moment we should be based on the impact of small equipment damage to the small row in front of the impact of a larger shadow Ring to be in the back angle punch machine, only to maintain this ranking can be a very good operation, so that punch (precision punch) the use of time to a certain extent. The above points is the Association forging punch (precision punch) for everyone to sum up the characteristics of the hope that we can have some help.

Punch in the following application of several bearings

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Precision Punch In the above-mentioned several kinds of bearings, with the detailed angular ball bearing use is the most common. We have determined that the rotor of the angular contact ball bearing is a ball; since it is a point contact (different from the line contact of the roller bearing), a precision press can require a higher rotational speed, a smaller amount of heat and more High cyclotron accuracy. In very few ultra-high-speed spindle to use the premises, but also select the ceramic ball (usually Si3N4 or Al2O3) of the hybrid bearings. Compared with the traditional full-hardened steel ball, precision punching ceramic ball material with its own characteristics to the ceramic ball bearing with high rigidity, high speed, high temperature, precision punch long life characteristics, which proud of high-end customers on the machine tool bearing gantry precision Punching the needs of goods. Precision punch press contact angle on the angle of angular contact ball bearings, gantry precision punch press comparison is popular 15? And 25? Contact angle; usually 15? Contact angle has a relatively high speed performance, and 25? Contact angle with Higher axial bearing time. Because the choice of pre-load will be close to the application of angular contact ball bearings are very large, for example, in the high load, high rigidity of the scene, will usually choose medium or heavy bearing preload, and for a few high-speed, Application of the scene, we in the early selection of bearings, precision presses need to pay attention to choose the appropriate preload, light preload comparison angle punch machine. Precision presses are now the world’s major bearing manufacturers are generally supply pre-polished bearing end and the pre-loaded bearings, precision punching machine is also that we are the world’s leading manufacturers of precision bearings horizontal band saw, precision presses are preloaded broad dividend light, medium and heavy three; Generally referred to as the all-round matching angular contact ball bearing form. Fine precision punch can do a good socket switch? The copper part of the socket is made of phosphor bronze material. The high-speed precision coal precision punching machine has the advantages of one-time stamping, good elasticity and precise dimension. The copper parts are nickel-plated. It is not rusted for a long time and is not easily oxidized. Performance, anti-unipolar insertion and security door arrangement, dust-proof anti-inserted, cherish the family, to ensure the use of special quiet indeed. The use of a broader, more Enron insurance, wishful all kinds of garden lighting presided over the need for the use of long-life switch spring and wear-resistant high-temperature strength of marbles and a strong ability to quickly break the relay cluster Structural Steel Fabrication, precision punch act clear, . Above all sorts of lowly so that evaluation staff like to love can not bear to release.

The Difference Between Punch Die Casting and Die – casting Die Forging

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Precision punch in the production of these two blanks are different automatic girth welding machine, the market price is also different, the latter’s offer is generally higher than the former. Should not distinguish between these two blanks, press the cheap cast reported, there will be errors, affecting the benefits or even owed. The difference between these two blanks: from the shape, very, very difficult to distinguish these two processes produced from the rough. Should be to the is a polished parts, even more difficult to distinguish. Thus, only the reverse and anecdotal: First, precision punching die casting is generally ‘structural parts’, while the die-casting die forging is ‘effect pieces.’ ‘Structural parts’, and ‘functional parts’ is compared. Vortex flow measurement of the latter generally refers to the impact to withstand, high temperature, pressure, intensity, and to surface treatment drill machine, heat treatment. Typical products are engine cylinder, wheel, piston, connecting rod, brake shoe, pneumatic or hydraulic valve body. The former is such as the door frame, instrument laminates, hair blouse and so on. Second, from the material composition on the break. As the die-casting alloys are generally forged alloys, in view of other names of the alloy, often die-casting process forging production hydraulic busbar bender. Third, from the rough surface treatment requirements on the public. Such as aluminum die-casting, because of silicon, and die-casting process due to the production of rough, the outer surface of the microscopic pores, this material after the surface treatment of anodized ‘black spots.’ Thus, if the blanks require anodic bonding, the blanks are not produced by conventional die-casting processes. Fourth, from the metallurgical organization to make a long break. Die-casting and die-casting forging in the metallographic very, very easy to distinguish. The former is dendritic as-cast structure, the latter is the average forging of the broken grain organization.

Can not resume using the punch mold material will affect the smooth progress of the process

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Can not be restored using the punch mold material will affect the smooth progress of the process, in order to solve this problem, the need for troubleshooting, then how should deal with abrasive press failure can not be returned

Punching punching, the upper mold through the slider mold stamping, stamping machine connection, the use of stamping machine table fixed in the next template, the upper and lower die with the guide column, guide sleeve guide.

When working, the steel strip on the position of the stop pin, when the mold with the slider on the waterfall, press the material of the stripper plate, and then punch the punch mold material to obtain. The punch blank is positioned in the lower die, moving downward in blank pressure, from the hole, and continues to descend into the cavity, resulting in permanent deformation of the material in the stamping die after the desired workpiece is machined. When the workpiece is clamped between the punch and the top block, the waste is also firmly fixed to the press. In the camera mode, the top piece of the workpiece is ejected from the mold by the elastic force of the spring; at the same time the entire process is wasted in the hoop, by the spring of the stripper plate by the spring. Material to a step, the process for the next step, so back and forth.

There are many reasons for the stamping die unloading, the reasons for different treatment methods are not the same:

1, the precise positioning of feeding equipment is not accurate or feeding adjustable feeding or positioning device.

2, the internal guide column pull, resulting in uneven movement can be replaced within the column-oriented solutions.

3, perforation damage or appearance is not smooth, but also the formation of stamping die discharge, can replace the stamping solution.

4, the top material device set unreasonable, reset.

5, the inadequacy of the ejector or remove the lack of material, by replacing the spring or spring handle stripper.

Stamping machine, the role of the slider is to drive the mold to complete the action, mainly to support the hot stamping effect, the slider design should follow certain principles to meet the processing needs then, slider should follow the design principles

General stamping and fine stamping work, what is different

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Precision punch on a foreign country is a competitive advantage in the industry, may become the next punch press punch the primary support of exports. Showing the precision of the punch press competition at the moment the body of low-end punch products cost-effective advantage in the high-end equipment and the limits of the world is still a huge gap between our predecessors.

Accelerate the layout of precision stamping asset conditioning, from the foundation to ease the Henan punch Henan punch press temporary profit margins facing the industry is falling, weak market demand, the punch press the only way out of the subject of sensation. Precision punch to texture, and efficiency for the purpose of the first orientation, if the expense of very little speed, but also continue to promote the industrial structure adjustment and skip jump.
Precision punch is usually used in a variety of mass production of metal sheet metal processing punching, forming, extension. Such as transport vehicles, watches and clocks, home appliances, stationery, hand equipment, hardware, computers and other products processing. At the same time, the installation of voluntary feeder, engaged in automatic transfer of the entire production line processing.

The role of precision punching acoustic panels

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Precision Punch Sound-absorbing Panel Sealing: The sound-absorbing panel absorbs a lot of noise as a result, so the best possible sealant gap is the only way to effectively filter out some additional noise in time, in order to achieve sound insulation .

It is important to note that the sound-absorbing material is mainly made of glass fiber, they have the role of insulation, precision punching our sound insulation, through the thick packaging, although it will continue under the friction too much heat, Like 10 to 15 degrees higher than the outside temperature, punch at this time the high temperature, the normal operation of the equipment will also bring some negative impact.

So we should also add some precision ventilation equipment near the punch panel insulation board we usually install the exhaust fan of the insulation board, it can put a closed indoor hot air pump to ensure a certain temperature, so that the internal temperature and external temperature difference remained below 5 degrees temperature difference. Which can be very good to reduce the internal and external temperature, while the equipment can work well.

Trouble Removal Method of 3 – D NC Drilling Machine

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Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine in use, there will be some failure, resulting in no work, affecting efficiency, how to effectively eliminate these failures? Here we introduce the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine troubleshooting method, let’s work Normal smooth development.
Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine
1, 3-D CNC drilling machine why can not work? At this time need to check whether the power is connected to determine power, to see if the stall hanging, as all normal, please contact the manufacturers;
Second, why the motor rotation, the spindle does not work? The main reason for this is to check the motor gear is off, the motor gear off, the connection with the spindle box parts are gear connections;
Third, why three-dimensional drilling machine drilling is not round? The reason may be due to the drill chuck spindle post is not placed, or the spindle hole oil, or the quality of the chuck is poor, change the national standard drill chuck and Then the rod can be.
4, why the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine milling cutter beating? When using the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine milling keyway, please read the instructions of the milling chuck, in accordance with the order of their folders, in turn, to ensure that the correct tooling clip in order to Complete three-dimensional CNC drilling machine processing.

CNC system maintenance matters

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CNC system is the central control system of CNC drilling machine, the importance of the equipment is naturally self-evident, so in the NC drilling machine maintenance work, the numerical control system has been the most important.How to correctly maintain the CNC system?
Large-scale gantry mobile CNC drilling / high-speed drilling / 4 m * 2 m, a variety of specifications can be customized
A. Board maintenance;
B. When cleaning the CNC cabinet cooling ventilation system;
C. Strictly abide by the operating rules and routine maintenance system;
D. Replace the memory battery regularly;
E. Regularly monitor the grid voltage of the CNC system: the grid voltage range of 85% to 110% of the rated value;
F. NC system when not in use for a long time to maintain: often to the NC power system or CNC drilling machine run temperature program.
G. To prevent dust from entering the numerical control device: floating dust and metal powder easily lead to the insulation resistance between components decreased, resulting in failure or even damage components.

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