Small pieces must use special tools (tweezers or feeding mechanism) to operate automatic drilling machine

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Safety production rules for precision presses As the punch has a fast, high pressure characteristics, the use of punching for blanking, molding must comply with certain safety regulations. \t one. Exposed to the press outside the transmission components, must install a protective cover, prohibit the removal of protective cover in the case of driving or testing. II. Before driving the main fastening screws should be checked for loosening, mold with or without cracks, control mechanisms, automatic stop device, clutch, brake is normal, the lubrication system with or without oil blockage. If necessary, open the empty test. \t three. Install the mold must be open to the bottom dead point slider, closing height must be correct, try to avoid eccentric load; mold must be firmly secured, and after pressure test. IV.


Attention should be focused on the work, forbidden to hand and tools and other objects into the danger zone. Small pieces must use special tools (tweezers or feeding mechanism) to operate automatic drilling machine. Die stuck blank, only allowed to use tools to escape. \t Fives. Found that abnormal operation of the press bed or abnormal sound beam drilling and sawing lines, (such as batter, pop sound) should stop feeding, check the cause. Such as the Department of rotating parts loosening, control device failure, mold loosening and defects, should stop repair. VI. Each finish – m pieces of work, the hands or feet must leave the button or pedal to prevent misuse horizontal band saw. \t Seven. Two or more operations, people should be driving, pay attention to coordination and good. The mold should fall before get off work, disconnect the power, and conduct the necessary cleaning.


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