ddle of a block See Chapter 24 for details

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ddle of a block See Chapter 24 for details

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De vel op ing macro pro grams is not much dif fer ent from de vel op ment of stan dard CNC pro –

grams, at least not in the gen

eral ap

proach Be

fore macro pro

grams can de


oped, study

CNC Beam Drilling Machine

carefully the many 鈥榯ools of the cnc cutter trade锟?and ask a ques tion – what fea tures do we work with?

Macros have the po ten tial of be ing ex tremely pow er ful and flex i ble Macros can also shorten the

pro gram ming time by many hours, lit er ally Yet, in spite of their great pos si bil i ties, mac ros are

of ten the 鈥榝or got ten gems锟?avail able for CNC pro gram ming Many com pa nies do have macro ca –

pa bil i ties, but avoid ing them, con sid er ing them too dif fi cult and time consuming

Macro tools in clude many func tions, tech niques and pro ce dures Cus tom macro can not be clas –

si fied as a true pro gram ming lan guage, but macros do share many el e ments with lan guages such

as Vi sual Ba sic锟? C++锟? Lisp锟? and many oth ers, in clud ing the custom processing machine de riv a tives of the 鈥榚arly锟?lan –

guages, such as Pascal The most im por tant tool for the start is to know the for mat of the macro,

and its con tents When these two fea tures are con sid ered to gether, in the proper se quen tial or der,

we are talk ing about the macro structure

Basic Tools

Ev ery CNC pro gram ming tech nique that a typ i cal part pro gram mer has already learned can be –

and are – used in mac ros and macro de vel op ment An in-depth knowl edge of CNC pro gram ming,

com bined with a good prac ti cal ex pe ri ence (even ma chin ing helps), is an es sen tial re quire ment to

learn ing mac ros and learn ing them right from the be gin ning Many pro gram ming aids not found

in standard CNC pro gram ming are also avail able in mac ros, but they en hance and best mill drill ex tend the

traditional pro gram ming meth ods – they do not re place them

There are three ba sic ar eas to un