num ber from the con trol system mem ory In this re spect, all rules of a subprogram

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num ber from the con trol system mem ory In this re spect, all rules of a subprogram

def i ni tion have to be fol lowed in a macro def i ni tion

What is dif fer ent in the macro pro gram de vel op ment, are the vari able def i ni tions, func tions and

log i cal con di tions Vari able def i ni tions use vari ables to store var i ous data Vari ables are tem po –

rary stor age ar eas of the con trol sys tem mem ory – in the macro body they are de fined with a spe –

cial sym bol – the # sign Even at their sim plest level, mac ros will use vari ables, there fore they

will use the # sym bol The up com ing chap ters of fer a lot more in for ma tion and de tails

Variables are the single most important key to macro programming

Macro Call

Vi sually, the ma jor dif fer ence be tween call ing a subprogram and call ing a macro is de fined by

the pro gram ming for mat Logically, both calls are the same copper hole punching machine busbar bending machine and serve the same gen eral pur pose

In both cases, a pre vi ously stored custom processing machine pro gram (a subprogram or a macro) is re trieved from the con –

trol stor age area by a spe cific pro gram code:

M98 P—-

structural fabrication

Calls a subprogram P—-

(additional data are not normally required)

G65 P—-

Calls a macro P—-

(additional data are normally required)

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FANUC CNC Custom Macros


Chapter 6

Fanuc con trol sys tem pro vides a G-code (pre pa ra tory com mand) to call a pre vi ously de fined

macro rather than a mis cel la neous func tion M used for subprograms This com mand is G65, and

rep re sents the call of a macro pro gram by its stored num ber, sup ple mented by ad di tional data

The fol low ing struc ture ex am ples il lus trate the dif fer ences:

2 Example 1 – Main program and a SUBPROGRAM :


N1 G21

Startup block

N2 锟?

N15 M98 P8001

Call stored subprogram O8001

N16 锟?

N52 M30

End of main program



N1 锟?

N2 锟?

N14 M99

End of subprogram


2 Example 2 – Main program and a MACRO :