transportation metal saw, metal parts

December 25, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

precision punch – 200 tons punch, preferred IPM In this case, Applications: APD high-precision punch – widely used in electronics, telecommunications, computers, household appliances, transportation metal saw, metal parts, such as stamping and molding Self-Adjustable Roller Stand. Features: 1, security It is IPM’s long-standing belief that it will provide the most secure and reliable experience for users.

This concept has been fully realized on the 200-ton press. 2, the brake 200 Punch All discs are equipped with advanced dry brake clutch, coupled with precision from Japan TACO double solenoid valve can be accurate to shorten the braking time to the maximum. In addition, the brake assist system in the event of an emergency, when the brake brake is not found, it will once again provide the brake signal to provide the brake signal again to provide sufficient power to ensure timely and accurate braking busbar punching machine.


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