Trouble Removal Method of 3 – D NC Drilling Machine

October 7, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine in use, there will be some failure, resulting in no work, affecting efficiency, how to effectively eliminate these failures? Here we introduce the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine troubleshooting method, let’s work Normal smooth development.
Three-dimensional CNC drilling machine
1, 3-D CNC drilling machine why can not work? At this time need to check whether the power is connected to determine power, to see if the stall hanging, as all normal, please contact the manufacturers;
Second, why the motor rotation, the spindle does not work? The main reason for this is to check the motor gear is off, the motor gear off, the connection with the spindle box parts are gear connections;
Third, why three-dimensional drilling machine drilling is not round? The reason may be due to the drill chuck spindle post is not placed, or the spindle hole oil, or the quality of the chuck is poor, change the national standard drill chuck and Then the rod can be.
4, why the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine milling cutter beating? When using the three-dimensional CNC drilling machine milling keyway, please read the instructions of the milling chuck, in accordance with the order of their folders, in turn, to ensure that the correct tooling clip in order to Complete three-dimensional CNC drilling machine processing.


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