What is the straight-axis single-axis precision punch, what are its characteristics?

December 25, 2016 · Posted in Uncategorised 

In this case laser cutting robot arm, In this case, The straight shaft type single crankshaft precision punch press adopts the high efficiency low noise wet clutch, and the high precision transmission part, the vibration is small, in order to guarantee the punch press quality and the high life merit, uses the thorough electrical circuit design, may use Punching, bending, molding and other work, not only can be single-line operation can also be on-line production, popular with small, single-works thin steel parts of the workpiece cnc machining, punching, bending, molding, etc., Punching industry praise, in order to meet the needs of the processing speed of the industry, punch processing speed and stroke can be divided into S-type, H-type, P-type three, with the stroke length, stroke per minute (SPM), by at least 35 To a maximum of 125 times the combination of changes to 110 tons of punch, for example, the punch stroke in the work of the speed curve to the sinusoidal shape changes to reach near the bottom dead center when the speed is 0, can be applied to most types of stamping , Is a widely used high precision Hydraulic punching machines. In this case, For more information, please focus on Shenzhen IPM Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.


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