WP-1 rapid determination of coal seam gas content

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WP-1 coal seam gas content of rapid determination of products Coal seam gas content is the basic data to determine the gas emission, which is one of the important parameters of mine gas drainage design and mine ventilation design. Coal seam gas content to a certain extent depends on the coal seam gas pressure. Therefore, coal seam gas content and coal seam gas pressure are two important parameters in coal mine safety production. We developed the WP-1 coal seam gas content rapid analyzer is based on the coal sample gas desorption rate of time with the power function, the use of gas desorption characteristic index V1 value, calculate the coal seam gas content, coal seam gas pressure principle and design . In the design of the use of single-chip microcomputer control technology and advanced gas flow sensing technology, WP-1 coal seam gas content analyzer for the first time with no resistance to trace gas flow measurement principle drill machine, the coal sample desorption process closer to the natural desorption state of coal. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement results, the data collected on the software using the numerical average, making the instrument has a simple circuit automatic girth welding machine, small size, light weight, easy to carry, simple operation. WP-1 coal seam gas content rapid instrument instrument characteristics The coal seam gas content analyzer is suitable for coal mine underground mining or heading face, rapid determination of gas desorption amount in coal, can grasp the gas content (W), gas pressure (P) distribution in front of the working face and the outburst prediction index K1 , K2 and other important changes in gas parameters, the formation of a more complete and reliable forecasting technology. It is characterized by short measurement time (7 minutes, 2 minutes exposure and 5 minutes desorption). It does not affect the work of normal work surface. It can automatically complete the measurement, collection, calculation, storage, display and printing.


Time saving, efficient and fast, accurate and reliable, a measurement can predict a variety of important parameters of gas. It provides a quick and simple means of measurement and reliable scientific basis for the production of mine high production and high efficiency, safe production, prediction of gas emission, rational development and utilization of gas resources. Similarly, the coal seam gas content analyzer is also suitable for laboratory research and experimental work. WP-1 coal seam gas content of rapid determination of performance indicators K1 – coal sample gas desorption velocity decay coefficient, coal seam gas outburst risk one of the important indicators Kt – coal seam gas outburst risk of one important indicator, ml / g.min V1 – unit coal weight of the first minute exposure to gas desorption rate of coal, and coal seam gas content, coal seam gas pressure is directly related to, ml / g.min Q2 – decay rate of gas desorption coefficient P – gas content of coal prediction, ml / g W – coal bed gas pressure forecast, Mpa R – correlation coefficient pipeline welding machine, reflecting the reliability of the measured results WP-1 coal seam gas content of rapid determination of technical parameters Gas desorption capacity: 0 ~ 6 ml / min Gas content: 2 ~ 30ml / g Gas pressure: 0.1 ~ 6.0Mpa Measurement accuracy: ± 2% Display: 8-bit LCD (LCD) display Continuous working time: more than 8h Working environment temperature: 0 ~ 40 ℃ Working humidity: ≤ 95% Working pressure: 85 ~ 110Kpa Size Steel Punching, weight: 250 × 145 × 67mm, 2㎏


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